Our B&B

  • Filemon&Baucis has 4 double bedrooms including 1 family room. Our guest rooms are all en-suite with shower and/or bath and toilet. All rooms are situated on the ground floor and overlook the garden and pool, with direct access through large windows.

  • Filemon&Baucis is just a 15-minute walk to the city centre.

  • Parking: there is a limited number of free on-street parking spaces and loading/unloading in front of the B&B is allowed. There is also a free parking area at 250 metres from our B&B.

our story

One fine day we met and it was that very same day that the dream arose to buy a large house for our newly-composed family and guests. A house to live in forever and always and a house to share with others, just like the story of the Roman poet Ovid.

One day an old married couple, Filemon and Baucis, gets visited by two strangers who had knocked on many doors, but no one was willing to let them in. Despite their poverty, Filemon and Baucis welcome the guests with open arms and offer them all their food and wine. Throughout the story it becomes clear that there is something strange about the visitors, as the wine jug never runs dry.

Realising that their guests were gods, Filemon and Baucis decide to slaughter their goose and make it into a meal. The goose ran to safety in Zeus’s lap and the visitors reveal themselves as Zeus and Hermes. Out of gratitude for their hospitality, the gods take their hosts to the top of the mountain. The entire town gets destroyed by a flood apart from the cottage of Filemon and Baucis, which had turned into a temple.

Zeus and Hermes ask Filemon and Baucis if they can grant a wish as a reward for their hospitality. The couple asks that when time came for one of them to die, that the other would die as well. And so it happens that Filemon and Baucis, many years later, die in the temple at the same time and turn into an intertwining pair of trees both growing from one trunk. They stood there for many years to come.

We warmly welcome you to our house, our home, our ‘temple’. Each room offers a view of the garden with its 2 red beeches touching each other.

Anke, Lieven Dante, Alisé and Aude



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